Network (1976) and The Newsroom, S01E10 (2012)

Friends, S01E01 (1994)

The Newsroom, S01E02 (2012)

The Newsroom, S01E02 (2012)

The Newsroom, S01E02 (2012)

“'Historically counterfactualizing' is a conceptual test that involves asking whether a practice would be the same if the disabled individuals it marginalizes were the majority, not a powerless minority, of people. Its purpose is to free our imaginations from the constricting routine of institutionalized behaviours so that we are not misled into assuming that the familiarity of practice signals its biological or economic necessity.”

Silvers (1995)
“..the idea of normal function has no foundation in objective biological fact because very large amounts of heritable variation occur in natural species. In modern biology dogmas about determinate species design have given way to appreciation of rich ranges of variation. No nature-based justification underwrites making social justice conditional upon normality (or upon species typicality, which is often confused with normality). That there are average, common, or typical modes and levels of human performances does not make these the normal or natural modes and levels for humankind.”

Sober (1980)
“..traditional civil-rights groups sometimes joining the usual opponents of government regulation to block adding disability discrimination to the list of offences against citizens’ civil rights.. They thought of the disabled as being naturally deficient rather than artificially limited by biased social practice.”

Burgdorf (1991)
“The standard view about equality presumes that all persons are independent, symmetrically situated, and wanting the kind of life privileged white men have traditionally had. The problem with this view of equality is not only that people are more or less dependent on each other and asymmetrically situated, but also that the kind of life the most privileged members of society lead would not be possible were it not for the ‘dependency work’ others do for them. In other words, the success of the ‘successful’ is made possible by the caring, nurturing work done on their behalf, traditionally by all women, but increasingly by economically and socially disadvantaged women as more advantaged women achieve ‘equality’ with men.”

Kittay (2000)
“The choice to have an abortion is not truly free unless the choice not to have an abortion is also available.”

Once Upon a Time, S03E21E22 (2014)